Free Airplane Rides

Free flights for young people between 8 and 17 years of age at Lampson Field south of Lakeport, California working with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)

The Clear Lake Flying Club encourages young people to join the club and supports efforts to teach young people to fly or learn other aviation related professions. Club activities designed to support young people to learn how to fly, and if they are interested, enter aviation professions include:

Assistance in identifying scholarships and other resources that can fund all or part of a young person’s flight training and education.

Supporting Lake County high schools teaching aviation. The club is working to assist Lake County high schools interested in teaching an aviation curriculum to apply for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association High School curriculum which is available free of charge to high schools which commit to teaching the program.

Opportunities to work on an aircraft being built or repaired

Seminars and meetings that bring experienced pilots together with young people.

The Clear Lake Flying Club is actively seeking volunteers and resources which can assist in its efforts to help young people learn to fly. Specifically, the Clear Lake Flying Club is looking for:

(1) individuals who would be interested in teaching aviation in Lake County high schools;

(2) pilots who are interested in participating in Young Eagles flights to introduce young people in Lake County to flying;

(3) individuals interesting in helping with club events and club outreach to the community to build interest in developing aviation programs for young people;

(4) project aircraft that would be suitable for young people to gain hands on experience working on aircraft:

(5) aircraft parts that would be useful for hands on demonstrations about aircraft;

(6) aircraft books, videos and aircraft simulators that could be used by young people.

If you are interested in contributing to the flying club’s efforts, please contact the club or call 415.771.2555.

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