Redbud Audubon Society

Clarks Grebe Courtship (picture by Redbud Administration)

The Redbud Audubon Society was founded in 1974 which is a nonprofit California Corporation and operate under the National Audubon Society which is one of the biggest and most successful conservation organizations in the United States. Redbud Audubon Society has a monthly program meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month with a guest speaker. They also have guided bird walk field trips on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The public is invited to enjoy both the guest speaker and the field trips.

Mother Grebe with Baby on her Back (picture by Redbud Administration)

The Redbud Audubon Society since 2010 has focused on the conservation of Grebes at Clear Lake, which supports one of the largest breeding populations of Grebes in California.

HERON DAYS: The Redbud Audubon Society has been presenting Heron Days for 24 years. This year over 240 guests participated on April 27 – 28 at Lakeside County Park in Kelseyville and May 4 – 5 at Clear Lake Campground in Clearlake. Each boat will have an experienced Audubon guide to point out the birds being seen on the tours and explain their behaviors. The boat tours consist of 90 minute tours leaving on the half hour between 8 – 11 am. The cost is $30.

Bird Counters of Redbud Audubon Society (picture by Redbud Administration)

Each December, the Redbud Audubon Society participates in the Annual Christmas Bird Count. Last years bird count was 52, 527 which was well below the 68,301 birds seen in 2017. The best year was 2004 when the count was 135,312. Something to notice is that in 2018 did produce a new bird for the Christmas Bird Count, which was the Great-tailed Grackle. The Great-tailed Grackel was pictured a couple of years ago at Library Park in Lakeport. This year the Great-tailed Grackel was listed as a new bird for the lake County Christmas Bird Count.

In the 2018 count there was a total of 122 species of birds. It’s the 3rd year in a row that the Redbud Audubon Society did not see at least 130 species of birds and the 5th time in the last 21 years that the count was below 130 species. In the last 21 years the highest count was 153 in 2007, and the lowest was 122 in the years of 2003 and also 2018.

This years bird count in December will the the 120th Annual Christmas Bird Count and everyone is invited to participate in the bird count. Call Brad or Kathy Barnwell at 707-263-1283.


Acorn Woodpeckers
American White Pelican
Bald Eagle
Clark’s Grebe
Double-crested Cormorant
Great Blue Heron
King Fisher
Lewis Woodpecker
Marsh Hawks
Nuttall’s Woodpecker
Oregon Junco
Western Grebe
White-breasted Nuthatch
Wood Duck
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Yellow-rumped Warbler

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