Clearlake Car Club

Car enthusiast abound here at Clearlake, Ca. The Clearlake Car Club promotes the pastime of car collecting and restoration, through a common interest in ownership and operation of their automobiles. They enjoy promoting social, educational and recreational activities among their members. They have monthly meetings, arranging tours, enjoy upcoming car shows in the spirit of good fellowship and sociality. The Clearlake Car Club is one of several car clubs located in Lake County, California. The club was formed in 1984, with a number of the founding families still members. The club currently has a roster of 39 families and 66 individuals.
Each month they try to plan a one day tour to give their cars a workout and to have an interesting, informative, and of course a fun time. Members own cars of all varieties including classics, hot rods, muscle cars, foreign cars as well as project cars. All types and years of cars are welcome. If you are interested, come visit us at one of our monthly meetings. Guests are always welcome!  They are held on the second Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the Russell Rustici County Parks Club House located at 16375 Second Street, Lower Lake, CA (behind the firehouse).
Annual membership dues are $25.00 per family. Membership includes spouses as a voting member and all dependent children under the age of eighteen as non-voting members. As a member you can also purchase club merchandise like T-shirts and hats with our club logo to show your Clearlake Car Club pride.

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